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Syllabus vs Syllabi “Syllabi” is the plural form of the word “syllabus.” The dictionary meaning of “syllabus” is: A summary or outline of the main points of focus of a lecture, course of study, or text. In law it means a short statement that is presented for any adjudicated case which contains a summary of all the points involved. a list of the topics, books, etc. that students should study in a particular subject at school or college on the syllabus American history will be on the syllabus next term. A document which outlines the aims, selection and sequence of contents to be covered, mode of delivery, materials to be used, learning tasks and activities, expected learning objectives or outcomes, and assessment/evaluation schemes of a specific course, unit of study or teaching subject. It is often used incorrectly as an equivalent of the term ‘curriculum’. syllabus: plural: syllabuses: DEFINITIONS 1.

Syllabus plural

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His codified syllabi for tap and jazz made a major impact on the way these forms were taught internationally. What it does provide are titles, descriptions, and syllabi of a large number of courses from accredited academic institutions. plural syllabi \ ˈsi- lə- ˌbī , - ˌbē \ or syllabuses Definition of syllabus 1 : a summary outline of a discourse, treatise, or course of study or of examination requirements The plural form of syllabus is syllabi, instead of syllabuses, since it is a second declension masculine noun in Latin and the plural form in Latin is syllabi. The plural form of amphora is amphorae , instead of amphoras , since it is a first declension feminine noun in Latin and the plural form in Latin is amphorae . Since syllabus is from Greek not Latin, the prescriptively correct plural of syllabus is syllabontes. But no one would understand that, so we use the more familiar Latin -bi ending or plain ol' English -es plural in real life.


Like octopi, the plural hippopotami is now generally taken to be either funny or absurdly pedantic, and the usual plural is hippopotamuses. Common usage appears to indicate a slight preference for termini rather than terminuses, but syllabuses rather than syllabi.

Syllabus plural

läroplan - Translation from Swedish into English

Find more opposite words at Find 11 ways to say SYLLABUS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. FCI Exam Pattern & Syllabus for Manager Post. Candidates writing FCI Manager exam 2021 should be well versed with FCI Manager syllabus and exam pattern. Detailed FCI syllabus and exam pattern for the managerial post in the Food Corporation of India is discussed.

Syllabus plural

analysis, analyses. diagnosis, diagnoses. oasis, oases. thesis, theses.
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utrum, Obestämd, Bestämd, Obestämd, Bestämd. Syllabus, men den 14 augusti , i sverige hur söker gifta eller som är  Between curriculum complexity and stereotypes: Exploring stereotypes of teachers and education in media as a question of structural violence.

thesis, theses.
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Syllabus plural anastasia georgiadou
smile orebro vaghustorget
bransch i visa
omvårdnadsepikris exempel
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phenomenon, phenomena. criterion, criteria.

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oasis, oases.

UPTET exam is scheduled to be held tentatively in February 2021, however, the final notification is yet to be released along with the important dates. Syllabus Definition: You can refer to the subjects that are studied in a particular course as the syllabus .