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Growth Form: Aquatic plant. Native Range: Europe and Asia. Invasive  30 Apr 2005 [family TRAPACEAE] Trapa natans var. spinosa (Roxb.) Makino [family TRAPACEAE]. Common names. English water chestnut, water caltrop,  European Water Chestnut (Trapa natans) French common name: Châtaigne d' eau · Aquatic Plants · Invasive Species · Recent Posts  Trapa natans L. · Distribution · Threat and conservation status · Natura 2000 sites · Legal status · Common names and synonyms · Other resources  2 Dec 2016 Water chestnut (Trapa natans) is one of the most important minor fruit generic name Trapa is derived from the Latin words of. “thistle” and  The European water chestnut (Trapa natans), an invasive aquatic plant released inadvertently into Common names: horned water chestnut, water caltrop.

Trapa natans common name

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العربية: عكر أبو قرون. অসমীয়া: পানী শিঙৰি. башҡортса: Һыу сәтләүеге. беларуская: Вадзяны арэх плывучы. български: Воден орех.

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Ginklasipika han IUCN an species komo diri gud kababarak-an.. Subspecies.

Trapa natans common name

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An Trapa natans in nahilalakip ha genus nga Trapa , ngan familia nga Lythraceae .

Trapa natans common name

Ceratophyllum  6, page 352: "I have several times had plants of Trapa natans that were collected in the The generic name Trapa is derived from the Latin word for "thistle",  Common name: Water chestnut. Family: Trapaceae.
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беларуская: Вадзяны арэх плывучы. български: Воден орех.

Description  14 Sep 2015 Common names: Water chestnut, water caltrop, water nut, singhara nut, bull nut ( Hummel & Kiviat, 2004). Botanical description: Trapa natans is  5 Jan 2021 Trapa natans, sometimes called “Jesuit Nut” or “Water Caltrops,” is a These crunchy delicacies have a slew of other common names such as:  24 Sep 2019 Synonyms: Trapa austroafricana V. Vassiljev Trapa bispinosa Roxb.
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-> Trapa natans L. var. bispinosa (Roxb.) Common Name(s): singhara nut [English] Accepted Name(s): Trapa natans L. Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: not accepted - synonym : Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - … Trapa natans L. Common Name: water chestnut: Habitat: An invasive plant of ponds, lakes, bays, canals, and slow moving rivers with muddy bottoms. It is very common on the Hudson River and Mohawk River. This plant tends to grow in shallower water, rarely found in water deeper than 15 feet. Associated Ecological Communities: Common Name: Water Chestnut Scientific Name: Trapa natans L. Classification: Phylum or Division: Magnoliophyta Class: Magnoliopsida Order: Myrtales Family: Trapaceae Identification: The water chestnut is an annual aquatic plant whose leaves occur both above and below water. The leaves that float above water are triangular and have saw-like, toothed edges. Trapa maximowiczii Korsh.

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Taxon Concept NZOR Concept Id 892bc7b3-154c-484d-aef9-0f1c7827f63b Full Name Water chesnut Name Id cd95757a-e786-460e-993e-84fc3a40226a According To Nicol, E. R. 1997: Common Names of Plants in New Zealand. Lincoln, Manaaki Whenua Press.

This term primarily refers to Trapa natans but is occasionally used of the Asian plant as well, as it has no Finnish (apparently English neither) common name of  Trapa natansDescription: A floating plant which is anchored by its submerged stem. Fine, feathery Other Common Names: Water Caltrop, Buffalo Nut, Bat Nut , Devil Pod, Bull Nut, Water Nut.Planting Zone: 5. Trapa natans. Description: The generic name Trapa is derived from the Latin word for "thistle", Plant Description: Trapa natans is an aquatic herb occurring throughout the greater part of  Singhara is the common name of water chestnut (Trapa. bispinosa Roxb.). It was thought that family of Trapa.